Yamaha EPH-W32 goud

Yamaha EPH-W32 goud - In ear oordopjes
Yamaha EPH-W32 goud - In ear oordopjes


Yamaha EPH-W32 oordopjes

With Wireless Unit
Attractive design and glossy finish.
Enjoy richer, warmer vocals thanks to the newly developed 8mm (3/8”) driver and
sound-tuning pipe.

Newly developed 8mm (3/8") driver unit and a houseing reproduce the richness of
the low-midrange frequency spectrum
Yamaha designed the housing of the EPH-32 series so that the driver and sound
duct are linearly located, thereby ensuring that the sound from the driver is
projected directly to the eardrum. Materials of varying degrees of hardness—ABS
(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) for the front section and polycarbonate ABS
for the rear section—have been used to reduce unnecessary resonance which can
muddy the sound. The diaphragm of the unit’s specially developed 8mm (3/8”)
driver was designed with a high-precision tangential edge, and a sound tuning
pipe is built in to control peaks in the high-frequency register. Despite their
compact size, the EPH-32 series earphones capture all the richness of the
low-mid frequency range, making vocals sound especially warm and rich.



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